There are numerous reasons why people travel long distances for dental treatments. Some travel to find cheaper dental care, while others travel to seek the most experienced specialists for a given treatment. Regardless the reason, traveling for dentistry appears to be a growing trend.

TRAVEL DENTAL IMPLANT was established as a result of our belief that life is the most precious gift we are endowed with and that health deserves all the care and attention we can offer.

We are fully patient-oriented, offering them individual services, we are using the most recent technologies complying with the highest international standards and the special atmosphere allow any existing treatment method to be used.


Also, on request, TRAVEL DENTAL IMPLANT will arrange everything for you: the transportation (the flight ticket from any destination), the transfer from and to the airport, a comfortable hotel room and priority on appointments. After the initial contact and communication, your procedure is scheduled and we do our best to make your stay very special, relaxing or exciting.

As part of the preliminary screening process, it may be possible to complete an online dental and medical history from prior to speaking with a given dentist and staff over the phone.

Our clinics can provide a full range of dental treatments and services such as: dental implants, dental esthetics, panoramic x-rays, ceramic veneers, whitening, inlays, ceramic facets, metal-ceramic crowns, bridges, pediatric dentistry, surgery and so on and so forth.

Thereby, TRAVEL DENTAL IMPLANT can show you how to save an important amount of money to re-make your natural smile, in the middle of a wonderful holiday.

For dental implants in the United States, please contact Simply Smiles.



The fear of dentists (dentophobia) is quite common. If the feeling is familiar, we can offer you CONSCIOUS SEDATION and advice to help you decide that you need not postpone seeing us.

  • Our clinics can be found in the central areas of Bucharest;
  • Specialists in all the dental fields are at your disposal: surgery, implantation, parodonthology, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, prosthetics, and dental esthetics. The complicated cases are solved through teamwork;
  • We have the possibility to treat patients of any age;
  • We are the only ones that have an endodontic microscope in use;
  • We offer the up-dated tooth whitening method. The treatment takes only an hour and the result is visible for two years;
  • We have all the possible means to overcome your fear;
  • Digital radiology (the radiation dose is reduced by 90%);
  • Professional sterilization of the equipment that fulfils the highest medical standards;
  • The medical administration program permits the saving of files that include the medical history, photographs, treatment plans, interventions performed on specializations, dental x-rays and, last but not least, the transfer of the data in-between our clinics;
  • We ensure our subscribers/members emergency services out of the normal clinic time schedule;
  • We give guarantees for the interventions performed;
  • Multiple and flexible payment possibilities;
  • The technical endowment of all our clinics corresponds to international standards;
  • The degree of competence our team has, expressed through professional skills, seriousness and confidentiality, is always accompanied by goodwill and respect towards each one of you;
  • Time for completion between 7 and 10 days;
  • Personnel fluent in English, Italian, German.