Legal details

The statement of responsibility

After being checked by a doctor and having your treatment schedule done, you will be asked to sign a statement, to be aware of what it involves, the period estimated for the treatment, and the risks of the relevant procedures.

Medical responsibility

From a legal standpoint, the doctor is responsible for the procedures done, not the clinic.

The dental implants

The dental implants have already become an usual method in dental practice. The use of implants for some prosthetic works has important psycho-social effects, like enhanced efficiency - the improvement of mastication, of facial appearance and phonetic aspects, all of these are in balance with full prosthesis, the substitute of which is the implant bridge, thus succeeding in reintegrating the patient in the social environment corresponding to his or her competence and capacity.

Dental esthetics

Our esthetic sense allows each of us to assimilate with certain subjectivity through a specific perception sensibility the harmony of the shapes that surround us. Along time the expression of beauty has been translated through art, which made us believe that the artist is destined to create beautiful shapes, to strive for perfection. The dentist becomes an artist only when he or she notices the specific circumstances of each patient and manages to combine the valuable subjective judgment of the patient with the accepted scientific norms and the perfect compatibility with the dental apparatus from a functional point of view.

Metal-ceramic crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns use biocompatible materials, including dental gold, their necessity as a protective and aesthetic treatment solution being irreplaceable. We have the possibility to offer several types of ceramic masses on different supports.


As a result of a detailed clinical and x-ray examination, potential dental anomalies can be discovered in advance and can be prevented orthodontic at a young age, protecting thus the child of the future inferiority complexes as a teenager.


Parodontopathy represents one of the main causes of teeth loss, we have to be aware of it and treat it as an illness. Nowadays, the dentist activity is sustained by modern surgical, prosthetic and therapeutic solutions that come in hand to the dental physician.


Our clinics have their own dental techniques laboratory, with technicians specialized in all the areas of dental medicine fields, thus being able to ensure the whole range of prosthetic works.


The main target of prophylaxis in dental medicine concerns the development and the preservation of the maxillodental apparatus in the best conditions during lifetime; an important goal of our doctors is to make our patients aware of the fact that frequent visits at the dentist and precocious treatment can prevent serious dental troubles.

Ceramic veneer

Ceramic facets are minimally invasive prosthetic restorations that have the advantage of the seeing-through of the natural enamel and morphological reconstructions that tend towards the ideal, correcting not only the enamel blemishing, but also the shape of the teeth having exceptional results.


It is said that endodontics is the "key" to conservative dentistry because a well treated tooth means a much longer life on the dental arcades.


Surgery does not only mean the classic dental extraction, but also a series of other procedures of conserving the hard dental structures, growing to be an indispensable tool in a treatment plan that starts from a conservative principle.


Dentistry does not mean pain. Modern dental treatments are always preceded by anesthesia.

The whitening

The whitening of teeth is a noninvasive procedure, and there are several clinical techniques that can give again to your teeth the healthy and beautiful look.


Inlays partially restore prosthetic the tooth using full ceramics, composite materials and other noble metals that can replace the classic dental crown through a much better physiognomic and functional recovery, with a controlled sacrifice of the dental substance.

Pediatric dentistry

Even though it means dental treatments for children, the parents should be also interested in this branch of the dental medicine. The dental treatment at a very young age, as well as the prevention of dental troubles, means healthy teeth for your child in the future.

The consultation

The consultation represents the first contact between the patient and the attending dentist.


In our clinics, for support of the treatments made, you can enjoy computerized radiology.


Tooth implant (titanium) 380 €
Periodontal membrane 264 €
Bone material addition 180 €
Conscious sedation 133 €
Implant supported porcelain fused to metalcrown 200 €
Physiognomic filling 35 €
Porcelain fused to gold crown 370 €
Porcelain fused to metal crown 160 €
Porcelain fused to zirconia crown 250 €
Porcelain jacket crown 250 €
Temporary crown 16 €
Crown ablation 9 €
Extemporaneus plasma whitening 370 €
Multi-rooted extraction 34 €
One-rooted extraction 31 €
Multi-rooted devitalisation 50 €
One-rooted devitalisation 35 €
Porcelain facing 250 €
Flap surgery 84 €